Currently all sessions are  Teletherapy and held on a secure video platform.

Walk and Talk sessions also available if appropriate and desired. 

do not accept insurance. Using insurance has risks and benefits. Well it may lower out of pocket costs, it typically requires me to make a clinical diagnosis. Those diagnosis become part of your medical record and could have current and future implications.

Individual Sessions

Together we will identify whats going well, what challenges you are facing and how to take steps to increase your personal well-being. All in a safe non-judgmental space where I’m rooting for you. Once we understand the largest barrier that is getting in the way of your progress, we will work on the best therapy modality to help you get you through it. Each individual has different treatment needs and this will be identified in the first few sessions and will continued to be evaluated over time.  

First session (55-60 minutes): $160

Ongoing (45- 50 minutes): $130

Goal-Setting Sessions

Ever try and start making future plans (personal and professional) and not sure where you should start or even figure out where you want to be? It is common to have too many influences and distractions that keep us off course. Sometimes mental health symptoms get in the way as well. In our goal-setting sessions we will identify where you want to be, what is keeping you from getting to that place and set realistic goals and steps to reach those goals. These sessions differ from individual sessions by not just focusing on mental health related symptoms, but being able to make plans that account for mental health symptoms interfering and how to stay on track. These sessions are shorter, less often and meant to be more of short term support. 

Initial Goal Setting (70-80 minutes): $180

Follow-up (25-30 minutes): $60

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions

Sessions held in Placerville, CA

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an experiential mental health therapy that is client centered, solution oriented and evidence driven.  EAP is the combined use of horses, licensed therapist and a horse specialist working to address various treatment goals. Horses naturally pick up on human emotional expressions and needs. Horses are able to mirror human moods in a non-judgmental way without motive or expectations. This type of therapy can be eye opening and productive in a short period of time. 

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